Empowering security excellence: The dynamic partnership between FreeDivision and IBM

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, businesses are constantly seeking robust solutions to fortify their defenses and navigate the complex challenges posed by cyberthreats. FreeDivision, an IBM Business Partner, stands out in the field by understanding the local needs of its clients. Operating as a security service partner, FreeDivision leverages IBM’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, IBM Security® QRadar® EDR, as part of its solution, freedivision.io, to address the unique security concerns of its clients.  

Clients look to FreeDivision for help in two key areas: Security audit and consultation, and incident response and recovery.  

Security audit and consultation

Many companies still underestimate the depth of security required, often relying solely on antivirus solutions. FreeDivision’s products and expertise distinctly stand out when conducting comprehensive security checks for clients. Its solution not only protects against threats, but also acts as a vigilant hunting tool.  

Through in-depth analysis of logs, FreeDivision guides clients toward fortified security postures, minimizing the risk of ransomware and other cyberthreats. Protection against ransomware is provided by IBM QRadar EDR’s adaptive system. Due to QRadar EDR, FreeDivision can resolve security incidents in seconds. The response procedures use artificial intelligence to prevent human error and enable rapid response to threats. 

“IBM Security QRadar EDR is like a powerful EDR–the built-in AI and automation make it fast, efficient and easy to use.” 
—Sandro Huber, Chief Information Officer and Co-owner of FreeDivision

Incident response and recovery

For clients who seek assistance after falling victim to attacks, FreeDivision steps in to remediate the situation and fortify defenses. By engaging with clients who experienced a ransomware attack, FreeDivision not only resolves immediate threats, but also collaborates with them to establish resilient security measures for the future. To prepare its clients for any future attacks, FreeDivision has embedded IBM QRadar EDR to detect and block new and unknown threats, from ransomware to sophisticated file attacks, to memory-only attacks.  

A ransomware hacker attack 

When PeHtoo, a Czech manufacturer, was attacked by a ransomware hacker, it engaged FreeDivision to help it recover. Ivan Eminger, CEO of PeHtoo, tells the story: 

By our standards, we have invested considerable resources in IT operations and security. Unfortunately, it turns out that this alone was not enough. We were attacked by a ransomware hacker. Our data was completely stolen and then encrypted. We had to start rebuilding the company from scratch. 

Fortunately, FreeDivision experts helped us set up new IT processes and security standards. Thanks to its MDR services, we have a constant overview of all user processes started in our company infrastructure and any deviation from normal user behavior is immediately addressed in an isolated environment outside of production operations. Combined with network security and a next-generation security gateway at the perimeter, we are now much better prepared to counter existing threats, allowing us to focus on the core activities of our business with greater peace of mind.” 

Why partner with IBM 

The choice of FreeDivision to build its solutions with IBM is rooted in the exceptional capabilities and support offered by IBM Security QRadar EDR, formerly known as ReaQta. It remediates known and unknown endpoint threats in near real-time with easy-to-use intelligent automation that requires little-to-no human interaction. You can make quick and informed decisions with attack visualization storyboards and leverage automated alert management and advanced continuous learning AI capabilities. 

FreeDivision shared 3 key features that made its decision to choose QRadar EDR easy: 

  • The console is intuitive for users. It’s customizable, and easy to use. 
  • The support from IBM is unparalleled. IBM not only delivers a solution but also stands by it when challenges arise. 
  • Its customers appreciate the depth of their investigation tools. 

“Our strength lies in the perfect blend of IBM’s global stature and our localized insights,” says Sandro Huber, Chief Information Officer and Co-owner of FreeDivision. “It’s the combination of IBM’s cutting-edge technology and our deep understanding of what matters in the local market. It’s a dynamic relationship built on trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to elevating cybersecurity standards.” 

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