How a VPN Helps with Cyber Security


In the modern world, more and more people think about online safety. Cybercrime is developing rapidly: malware attacks, suspicions that a global cyberwar is unfolding between states, Internet users, private data thefts, numerous hacker attacks, as well as a huge number of online fraud cases, including phishing scams and more. Involuntarily, you start thinking of the way to protect yourself online.

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The Internet is not only a wellhead of incredible resources but also a source of crime. However, there are lots of ways to protect yourself from malicious activity. A virtual private network (Read more), also known as VPN, is one of the most popular ways to do that. If you want to learn more about VPNs, have a look at a comparative review ExpressVPN vs NordVPN.

Safety Comes First

The number of concerns for software security is growing with each passing year. Internet security experts are trying to convey the information about possible risks and threats to people, as well as the urgent need to create a new solid foundation for personal cybersecurity which is indispensable in everyday life. Despite the fact that the Internet security area is developing at the same speed as the computer performance, the question whether ordinary users are aware of possible protection methods and whether they apply this knowledge in practice remains open.

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Modern cybersecurity can be represented as a set of methods and tools for protecting Internet connections’ security and data integrity. Nowadays, when hackers invent new harmful influence methods, when the number of developments in the artificial intelligence systems area is growing rapidly, it’s obvious that the number of risks and potential threats to any person increases many times.

If you create an encrypted connection and start using virtual private network services, all your data will go through the created channel which is not available to third parties. Now no one will monitor your actions, and won’t see your IP address.

There are many reasons why you should use VPN services:

1) The ability to visit banned websites. If you live in or travel to a country where your favorite websites and resources are banned by the Government, you won’t be able to visit them in the usual way. VPN will help you avoid all the restrictions. Watch broadcasts. Content is not equally accessible everywhere. Using a VPN, you can watch broadcasts blocked in your country. Also, if you happen to visit a country where these resources are not available, you can bypass this obstacle the same way and access them using the VPN service.

2) Avoid Internet service provider monitoring. Taking advantage of VPN, your ISP will no longer be able to track your activity. Also, it won’t be able to limit the range of resources you visit, charge an additional cost for visiting premium sites or prohibit downloading content from file hosting or torrents.
Security when using Wi-Fi. If you are actively using wireless Internet, a VPN service is a must for you. Free wireless Internet can be used in almost any restaurant, shopping center, cafe, etc.

3) These networks are known for their vulnerability. Lots of them are controlled by hackers. The owners themselves can also hunt for the users’ personal data. They will see all the sites you visit. Passwords can be stolen from you, as well as your electronic wallets can be hacked. All these can be avoided using a VPN service.

4) Anonymity. As soon as you open the website, your IP address becomes visible immediately. But if you connect to the Internet through a paid or free VPN service, it will be impossible to find out your real IP. It should be noted that your activity can be tracked not only by IP. Therefore, it will also be useful to use an anonymizer, such as Tor.

Willing to steal your private data, cybercriminals use very sophisticated tools to collect them. The worst thing about this is that you probably won’t know you have become a cybercriminals’ victim until strange transactions appear on your bank account or your card is blocked. VPN provides additional protection against third parties attacks. In this case, you will minimize their ability to spy on you.

VPN Services for Each Country

Often, you start missing your favorite TV series, sports, entertainment, and educational shows as soon as you leave your country, for example, the UK. Or, on the contrary, you make a business trip to London and are willing to keep in touch with your friends, relatives, and employees. In either case, there are some compelling reasons to use VPN in the UK and use a service to change your IP to the UK one.

Thanks to UK VPN service , it is possible for customers to use servers to communicate with the global Internet space. Wherever you are, you get instant access to secure private communication channels from any computer or mobile device connecting to the UK VPN server. If you want to protect your personal or business data from intruders, the VPN service is the best way to do that. It’s known fact that access to the British BBC iPlayer is blocked outside the UK. Using special VPN servers, you can easily bypass these blocks and watch streaming UK TV channels from anywhere in the world.

VPN gives the client full control over free access to the web from anywhere, from any country of the world. Internet connections through VPN servers are the most convenient for users. Connecting to the Internet through the UK VPN server, you can be sure that your web activity will be carried out through encrypted VPN tunnels ensuring anonymity and connection confidentiality. Since there is a huge amount of Malware that can help the hackers find out your name, IP address and financial information, it won’t be difficult for them to create your personal portrait, steal your private data, and use it for own gain. Responsible attitude towards data protection, personal life privacy, prevention of hacker attacks, and any other harmful effects on your devices and your life – this is an indispensable duty of every user.

By Daniel O’Reilly