Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2022

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AWS VP and Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr, plus a select group of AWS Developer Advocate colleagues, have personally chosen their picks for some of the most impactful and exciting product and service launches to debut at AWS re:Invent 2022. From now through Dec. 1, we’ll update this page daily with links to their AWS News Blog posts (plus a few noteworthy preview posts) so you can dive deeper once the launches have been announced.

As always, there’s simply too much for the team to cover and even if a launch doesn’t make this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy. Make sure to check out What’s New for a complete rundown of all the AWS re:Invent 2022 announcements.

Here are a few more resources to help you keep up with all the re:Invent news:

(This post was updated: 10:23 p.m. PST, Nov. 27, 2022.)

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New for Amazon Transcribe – Real-Time Analytics During Live Calls
Real-time call analytics provides APIs for developers to accurately transcribe live calls and at the same time identify customer experience issues and sentiment in real time.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Classifying and Extracting Mortgage Loan Data with Amazon Textract
The new API was created in response to requests from major lenders in the industry to help them process applications faster and reduce errors, which improves the end-customer experience and lowers operating costs.

Preview: Amazon CodeWhisperer Adds Enterprise Administrative Controls, Simple Sign-up, and Support for New Languages
Administrators can now easily integrate CodeWhisperer with their existing workforce identity solutions, provide access to users and groups, and configure organization-wide settings.


New – Amazon ECS Service Connect Enables Easy Communication Between Microservices
This new capability simplifies building and operating resilient distributed applications. You can add a layer of resilience to your ECS service communication and get traffic insights with no changes to your application code.


New – Amazon RDS Optimized Reads and Optimized Writes
These two new features will accelerate your Amazon RDS for MySQL workloads.

New – Fully Managed Blue/Green Deployments in Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS
This new feature for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Amazon RDS for MariaDB, enables you to make database updates safer, simpler, and faster.

Management Tools

Protect Sensitive Data with Amazon CloudWatch Logs
This new set of capabilities for Amazon CloudWatch Logs leverages pattern matching and machine learning (ML) to detect and protect sensitive log data in transit.

New – Amazon CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability
This new capability lets you search, analyze, and correlate cross-account telemetry data stored in CloudWatch such as metrics, logs, and traces.

Preview: Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor Provides End-to-End Visibility into Internet Performance for your Applications
This new capability gives visibility into how an internet issue might impact the performance and availability of your applications. It allows you to reduce the time it takes to diagnose internet issues from days to minutes.


New – Announcing Amazon EFS Elastic Throughput
This new throughput mode is designed to provide your applications with as much throughput as they need with pay-as-you-use pricing.

New for AWS Backup – Protect and Restore Your CloudFormation Stacks
You now have an automated solution to create and restore your applications with a simplified experience, eliminating the need to manage custom scripts.

New – Amazon Redshift Support in AWS Backup
AWS Backup allows you to define a central backup policy to manage data protection of your applications and can now also protect your Amazon Redshift clusters.

Announcing Automated in-AWS Failback for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery
The new automated support provides a simplified and expedited experience to fail back Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to the original Region, and both failover and failback processes (for on-premises or in-AWS recovery) can be conveniently started from the AWS Management Console.

Migration & Transfer Services

New – A Fully Managed Schema Conversion in AWS Database Migration Service
AWS DMS Schema Conversion streamlines database migrations by making schema assessment and conversion available inside AWS DMS. You can now plan, assess, convert and migrate under one central DMS service.

AWS Application Migration Service Major Updates – New Migration Servers Grouping, Updated Launch, and Post-Launch Template
These three major updates will support your migration projects of any size.