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What is managed DNS, anyway?

Managed DNS is where a third-party hosts and optimizes your DNS resolution architecture to provide the fastest, most secure, most reliable experience. Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is by looking at the opposite scenario: what if you don’t have a managed DNS service in place? Every query in the Domain Name System (DNS) follows the […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Claims Analytics Software Development

Nowadays, digital technology affects all aspects of our everyday lives, and the insurance industry is at the center of this transformation due to the confrontation of tradition and advanced technology. The growing prevalence of the digital transformation phenomenon is not only a fad; it is the core of the current business environment that gets even […]

How to mitigate the risks of DIY authoritative DNS

While many network admins outsource the management of authoritative domain name system (DNS) infrastructure to a third party like IBM® NS1 Connect®, there is a sizable community of network operators who prefer to dig in and build something themselves. These do it yourself (DIY) authoritative DNS architectures can be cobbled together from various tools. BIND is most […]

Driving Growth: Srini Kalapala Discusses Verizon’s Network APIs

Welcome to our interview with Srini Kalapala, Senior VP of Technology and Product Development at Verizon. Today, we explore how Verizon’s network APIs are reshaping global developer landscapes and enhancing customer experiences across industries. Verizon’s network APIs empower developers worldwide, offering access to cutting-edge network services. Under Srini Kalapala’s leadership, these APIs drive deeper consumer […]

6 benefits of data lineage for financial services

The financial services industry has been in the process of modernizing its data governance for more than a decade. But as we inch closer to global economic downturn, the need for top-notch governance has become increasingly urgent. How can banks, credit unions, and financial advisors keep up with demanding regulations while battling restricted budgets and […]

AWS Weekly Roundup — .Net Runtime for AWS Lambda, PartyRock Hackathon, and more — February 26, 2024

The Community AWS re:invent 2023 re:caps continue! Recently, I was invited to participate in one of these events hosted by the AWS User Group Kenya, and was able to learn and spend time with this amazing community. AWS User Group Kenya Last week’s launchesHere are some launches that got my attention during the previous week. […]

Embracing Governance to Navigate 2024’s Tech Trends

The start of a new year is a fitting time for goal-setting, and IT managers looking to level up their organization’s governance framework have plenty of incentives in 2024 and beyond–increasing cybersecurity threats, growth in remote work models, and widespread cloud adoption. As a primary aspect of their business strategies, effective governance requires IT managers […]

How IBM is helping accelerate AI adoption and application centric connectivity

This week, as thousands of network operators, technology vendors, and mobile device providers from all over the world converge on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, it’s the perfect time to discuss how IBM® is shaping the future of network operations and telecommunications. Outside the glitz of new phones, connected cars and 5G with everything, there […]

How to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s landmark data privacy law, took effect in 2018. Yet many organizations still struggle to meet compliance requirements, and EU data protection authorities do not hesitate to hand out penalties. Even the world’s biggest businesses are not free from GDPR woes. Irish regulators hit Meta with a […]