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Enhancing triparty repo transactions with IBM MQ for efficiency, security and scalability

The exchange of securities between parties is a critical aspect of the financial industry that demands high levels of security and efficiency. Triparty repo dealing systems, central to these exchanges, require seamless and secure communication across different platforms. The Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL) recently recommended (link resides outside ibm.com) IBM® MQ as the […]

Enhance your data security posture with a no-code approach to application-level encryption

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. As your organization’s data footprint expands across the clouds and between your own business lines to drive value, it is essential to secure data at all stages of the cloud adoption and throughout the data lifecycle. While there are different mechanisms available to encrypt data throughout its lifecycle […]

InvGate Insight’s Performance as IT Asset Management Software

With over 15 years of experience, InvGate develops essential tools that empower IT teams to support every department within a company. Currently present in more than 60 countries – and with renowned companies such as the U.S. Army, Collins Aerospace, NASA, PWC, and Toyota as clients – InvGate provides two stand-alone though highly integrated products: […]

Leading Healthcare LMS Platforms: Enhancing Learning and Compliance in Medicine

As the healthcare industry evolves, robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) are increasingly critical. These platforms ensure medical professionals remain educated, compliant with regulations, and proficient in the latest practices and technologies. The future of healthcare LMS will likely integrate advanced technologies like AI, personalized learning paths, and data-driven insights to enhance training efficacy and engagement. […]

How FinOps Tools Can Transform Your Cloud

What Is FinOps? FinOps, or Financial Operations, is a business strategy for managing cloud spending and optimizing the costs associated with cloud services. It combines financial, business, and IT principles to create a balanced approach that ensures cloud expenses are controlled without hindering agility and growth. The goal of FinOps is to empower teams to […]

AWS Weekly Roundup – Application Load Balancer IPv6, Amazon S3 pricing update, Amazon EC2 Flex instances, and more (May 20, 2024)

AWS Summit season is in full swing around the world, with last week’s events in Bengaluru, Berlin, and  Seoul, where my blog colleague Channy delivered one of the keynotes. Last week’s launches Here are some launches that got my attention: Amazon S3 will no longer charge for several HTTP error codes – A customer reported […]

How to establish lineage transparency for your machine learning initiatives

Machine learning (ML) has become a critical component of many organizations’ digital transformation strategy. From predicting customer behavior to optimizing business processes, ML algorithms are increasingly being used to make decisions that impact business outcomes. Have you ever wondered how these algorithms arrive at their conclusions? The answer lies in the data used to train […]

How will quantum impact the biotech industry?

The physics of atoms and the technology behind treating disease might sound like disparate fields. However, in the past few decades, advances in artificial intelligence, sensing, simulation and more have driven enormous impacts within the biotech industry. Quantum computing provides an opportunity to extend these advancements with computational speedups and/or accuracy in each of those areas. Now is the time for enterprises, commercial organizations and research institutions to […]