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API-led connectivity: Improve API reuse and organizational agility

Today’s customers and employees expect a real-time, personalized and connected user experience on any platform.  As enterprise applications grow and evolve to address these needs, integration between applications has become increasingly important. Building point-to-point integrations manually is time consuming, inefficient and costly; andorganizations need a better way to consume and share data, as well as […]

Hugging Face dodged a cyber-bullet with Lasso Security’s help

Further validating how brittle the security of generative AI models and their platforms are, Lasso Security helped Hugging Face dodge a potentially devastating attack by discovering that 1,681 API tokens were at risk of being compromised. The tokens were discovered by Lasso researchers who recently scanned GitHub and Hugging Face repositories and performed in-depth research across each. Researchers successfully accessed 723 organizations’ accounts, […]

Retailers can tap into generative AI to enhance support for customers and employees

As the retail industry witnesses a shift towards a more digital, on-demand consumer base, AI is becoming the secret weapon for retailers to better understand and cater to this evolving consumer behavior. With the rise of highly personalized online shopping, direct-to-consumer models, and delivery services, generative AI can help retailers further unlock a host of […]

Quick Decisions are Easy with Real-Time Analytics

The data-driven market is continually evolving, and with the advent of Big Data, professionals are faced with the challenge of identifying, gathering, and analyzing massive datasets in ways that provide quantifiable value for their organization. This is where cloud-native, high-speed data analytics querying comes into play, offering the ability to handle vast amounts of data […]

Beyond basics: Six tips for an exceptional customer service strategy

Enhancing the customer experience through customer service is among the most important disciplines for any organization for one simple reason: without customers, organizations would fail overnight. Customer service, sometimes called customer care or customer support, relates to the activities organizations take to ensure their customers’ needs are being met. While every customer interaction is different, […]

Software Mapping in the Cloud

Software mapping is an important concept in the field of software engineering and cloud computing. It involves the process of creating a visual representation of software components, their dependencies, and interactions. This visualization helps in understanding the software’s structure, behavior, and performance characteristics. In the context of cloud computing, software mapping provides a bird’s eye […]

A guide to efficient Oracle implementation

By implementing Oracle, one of the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, organizations can transform their business processes and significantly increase operational efficiency. Companies large and small are increasingly digitizing and managing vast troves of data. ERP systems like Oracle’s streamline business processes and reduce costs, leveraging information to help organizations make better decisions […]

From Resumes to AI: Evolving Trends in HR and Recruitment Technology

The landscape of Human Resources (HR) and recruitment has undergone a seismic shift in the past few decades. From the traditional paper resumes and in-person interviews to sophisticated AI-driven tools, the evolution is evident. As we step into the future, these technological advancements promise to reshape how organizations attract, hire, and retain talent. Let’s explore […]

Hybrid cloud examples, applications and use cases

To keep pace with the dynamic environment of digitally-driven business, organizations continue to embrace hybrid cloud, which combines and unifies public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructure, while providing orchestration, management and application portability across all three. According to the IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud, a 2022 survey commissioned by IBM and conducted by an […]

Tokens and login sessions in IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud authentication and authorization relies on the industry-standard protocol OAuth 2.0. You can read more about OAuth 2.0 in RFC 6749—The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework. Like most adopters of OAuth 2.0, IBM has also extended some of OAuth 2.0 functionality to meet the requirements of IBM Cloud and its customers. Access and refresh tokens […]