Common Grounds: Unleashing innovation and growth through partnership

At IBM, we believe we can make greater progress together. Our purpose is to be the catalyst that makes the world work better—and our partners are key to this mission. Together with our partners and clients, we work to solve the most complex challenges with AI and hybrid cloud.

Last year, we launched our “Common Grounds” video series to showcase the value of partnership and how we’re better together. We sat down with partners of all shapes and sizes to talk about how it’s benefiting their businesses, and how we are delivering joint value to clients as a result. 

This Common Grounds season, we’re keeping our partners in the spotlight.  You’ll hear them talk about the unique value they’re delivering to the market. We’ll discuss how we’re collaborating and co-creating to leverage AI to work smarter, why we’re better together, and of course, how they take their coffee. Because when it gets down to it, the heart of this series is about finding common ground with our favorite coffee shop beverage.

Take Intel. IBM and Intel have a long history of collaboration on data and AI products, including AI acceleration with IBM Watson NLP Library for Embed with OneAPI, the optimization of IBM Db2 on Intel Xeon platforms, and now, is engineered to use Intel’s built-in accelerators and open-source query engines such as Presto to deliver rapid and reliable data processing for high performance SQL querying, reporting, business intelligence, and machine learning.

“We look forward to partnering with IBM to optimize the stack, achieving breakthrough performance through our joint technological contributions to the Presto open-source community.”

In addition to our Intel interview, we’ll continue to release new partner stories throughout the season, including interviews with leaders from Deloitte, TD SYNNEX and beyond.

As always, the series will include partners from across the IBM Ecosystem, and I invite you to subscribe to the IBM Ecosystem playlist on YouTube to follow and watch. I’d love for you to join in on the conversation, so please comment and you can watch the new episodes here.

Now, let’s create innovative solutions to solve our clients’ most complex problems together.

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