Demonstrate your AWS Cloud Storage knowledge and skills with new digital badges!

Are you a cloud storage professional or an on-premises storage pro who’s curious about cloud storage? Are you interested in demonstrating your AWS Storage knowledge and skills with potential employers and your community of peers? If so, I’d like to bring to your attention the recent launch of digital badges aligned to Learning Plans for Block Storage and Object Storage on AWS Skill Builder. In this 2021 blog post by Indeed, cloud-computing is the number one in-demand skill employers are looking for.

The new, verifiable, digital badges are available to everyone who scores at least 80 percent in the assessments associated with Learning Plans. The badges prove your knowledge and skills for Object Storage and/or Block Storage in the AWS Cloud. Badges, distributed and managed through Credly, carry with them metadata that enables verification of the issuer and the credential and lists the skills and knowledge demonstrated by the holder. Sharing badges on your résumé, peer community, and via social media assists in developing your career in cloud computing and celebrates your achievements. Some of you may be familiar with AWS re:Post, which launched during re:Invent 2021—your badges can be showcased in your AWS re:Post user profile too.

Object and Block Storage digital badges

AWS Skill Builder Learning Plans and digital badges for Block and Object Storage
Digital badges are available today for the Block Storage and Object Storage Learning Plans on AWS Skill Builder. Block Storage has a focus on Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), while Object Storage is focused on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Both plans contain free learning content to help you build your knowledge in each of these areas and get ready for the assessments.

AWS Skill Builder offers a range of Learning Plans related to cloud computing skills. Learning Plans correspond to roles (architect, developer, etc.) and domain (databases, storage, etc.); each one is specifically designed to build your knowledge with a clear set of outcomes for you to achieve. Freely available, the Learning Plans and related assessments can be taken anywhere, anytime, providing equal and fair learning for all.

Badge assessments are linked to curriculum standards and are developed by service teams, field subject matter experts (SMEs), and content/curriculum SMEs. Therefore, employers can feel satisfied that the badges attained by a potential employee were awarded due to actual demonstrated skills and knowledge for Block and/or Object Storage. By the way, if you feel you have existing skills and knowledge and would prefer to skip straight to the assessment, you can. If you don’t pass, you’ll be guided to fill in your knowledge gaps, and you can then retake the assessment after 24 hours. To earn a badge, you need to score a minimum of 80 percent in the assessment.

The Block Storage and Object Storage Learning Plans are designed for you to take on your own, and you can track your own progress, making it easier to learn in your own time and manage your own learning development. They’re a great opportunity to refresh your skills, check your skills, or learn new ones.

Start collecting digital storage learning badges today
The Learning Plans and new digital badges for Block Storage and Object Storage help you showcase your in-demand knowledge and skills related to AWS Storage. As I mentioned earlier, enrollment for Learning Plans, and the subsequent assessments, are free for everyone. Find out more, and get started, at And be sure to share your accomplishment by posting on social media with the hashtag #AWSTraining and show off your badges!

— Steve