Forrester offers guidance on getting zero trust right and achieving security goals

Tighter budgets, a near-record level of projects to be done with a smaller staff and a rising number of malware-free attacks are a few of the many challenges taking the security team’s time away from zero trust. CISOs tell VentureBeat that consolidating their tech stacks to improve visibility, reduce costs and make progress on zero-trust frameworks is the highest priority. However, finding the time to progress on them is one of their most significant challenges.

Forrester’s recent Security and Risk Forum tailored its agenda to what CISOs need the most: guidance on managing global risks while continuing to progress on enterprise security initiatives, including zero trust.

The keynote, Securing the Future: Geopolitical Risk Will Redefine Security Strategies for the Next Decade, provided practical, prescriptive guidance to CISOs, security and risk management professionals on how they could achieve their highest priority goal. For example, speaking about zero trust, Allie Mellen, a senior analyst at Forrester, advised security leaders to “focus on the low-hanging fruit early on privileged accounts, device hygiene, enforcing strong passwords and in the longer term, leverage a zero-trust strategy to protect devices, protect users, protect networks.”

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