Introducing Anycloud Backup 365

We are excited to announce the availability of a new Managed Service for Microsoft 365 (M365) customers. Today, we are launching the Anycloud Backup 365 (ACB365) offering on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.  

An IBM partner since 2013, Denmark-based Anycloud has been awarded Cloud Partner of the Year 2017, Technology Service Provider of the Year 2019, and Business Partner of the Year and Business Partner Excellence Award – Europe 2022.

IBM + Anycloud

This strategic partnership between IBM and Anycloud offers a secure and easy-to-use service, allowing companies to back up data from Microsoft 365 to the IBM Cloud for data protection. A key differentiator is that while Microsoft provides 30 days of retention, Anycloud Backup 365 offers retention for up to 10 years. Additionally, Anycloud offers unlimited storage and the opportunity to secure data at a minimal monthly price per user.  

Anycloud services are delivered through 18 IBM data centers in 13 countries (and all are minimum tier-3 data centers). These data centers have multiple paths for power and cooling, including redundant systems that allow maintenance without the services being offline. Tier-3 data centers have an expected uptime of 99.982% per year. Anycloud is ISO 27001, ISAE 3000 approved, and a level 1 star member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). This ensures that customers’ data is always available and protected.​

“We bring great technology to the market that can be consumed in a very simple way. With ACB365 now available on the IBM Cloud, we are protecting M365 data for our partners and clients worldwide. The solution enables and automates IBM Cloud Object Storage directly in many countries, enabling customers to onboard within five minutes—from start to finish. Protecting your data has never been this simple’’ – Gregor Frimodt-Møller, Anycloud CEO.

Simplicity and ease of use

Anycloud Backup 365 has a simple-to-use, intuitive web interface consisting of three portals:

  • Management portal: The management portal provides an interface for administrators to view organizational data and schedule backups.
  • Restore portal: The restore portal allows system administrators to retrieve data from backup jobs—entire folders or single files.
  • Self-serve portal: The self-serve portal allows users to restore their personal deleted emails and One Drive content.

Data protection

Many companies using cloud-based SaaS applications risk data loss, often due to employee errors or malware. Anycloud offers:

  • Retention period selection: 1, 3, 5, or 10 years
  • Protection against common user errors like accidental deletion
  • Security from cyberattacks like ransomware and other malicious threats
  • Protection in the event of an unexpected outage or natural disaster
  • 24/7 data protection to recreate anything lost or deleted

Key features

Key features and benefits of Anycloud Backup 365 include the following:

  • Fast track feature: Sets up full backup for the entire organization in a few minutes.
  • Immutable backup: Complete protection for Microsoft 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams. Data can’t be deleted in the retention period.
  • Insider threat protection (ITP): Fully protects customers from malicious insider deletion for 30 days.
  • GDPR—”Right to be forgotten”: Makes a full user deletion from backup retention.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC): Makes it possible to divide access for multiple roles from the same tenant.
  • Search protection: Live searching for backup data without making an index copy that can be misused.
  • End-user restore: Employees can now restore emails and One Drive files​ with one click.

Common use cases for Anycloud Backup 365

  • Cross-industry backup and recovery ​
  • Data archiving for separate backup policies​
  • Seasonal/inactive users​
  • Granular restores for audits or legal disputes ​
  • Education—large volume of students ​
  • Resellers

Microsoft 365 is an essential tool for businesses and individuals, and losing access to important data can be disastrous. Built on Veeam software and IBM Cloud Object Storage, Anycloud Backup 365 (ACB365) ensures data is backed up and secure.​ Anycloud is committed to being a stable and reliable provider of partner-ready cloud SaaS offerings delivered with simplicity and scalability​.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, ACB365 can scale to meet your needs. Through IBM data centers worldwide, Anycloud offers unlimited storage and flexible plans that allow you to customize your backup solutions to suit your business requirements.​

Anycloud Backup 365 on the IBM Cloud Marketplace

The IBM Cloud Marketplace provides a sales channel for IBM Ecosystem partners to buy and sell their enterprise applications to IBM Cloud clients worldwide. Customers can access Anycloud Backup 365 on IBM Cloud with single invoicing from IBM, IBM account integration and a streamlined approach for deployment and management of these cloud solutions. Ready to take the next step?

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