Intruder Alternatives : Some of The Best Options to Keep Your Cloud Secure

There are many Intruder alternative names on the market, but which one is the best for your cloud security needs? Intruder is a popular web application security testing tool, and it offers a wide variety of features to help you keep your cloud secure. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Intruder alternatives on the market and how they can benefit your business. The following article will also aid you in choosing an optimal Intruder alternative for your specific needs.

What Does Intruder Offer?

Intruder offers a cloud-based platform to small and medium-sized organizations that includes risk monitoring, risk assessment, configuration mapping, and bug detection. Security teams may use the solution to easily rank concerns, detect exposure, and minimize the attack surface.

Intruder allows businesses to see which security checks have failed, so they can quickly fix the most critical issues and prevent future problems. Managers may run penetration tests, produce security reports, and save them as PDF or CSV files for later reference. Intruder provides users with more efficient procedures to accomplish their goals while following ISO 27001/27002 and SOC 2 requirements.

Intruder is compatible with a variety of third-party services, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS). You can get Intruder through a live chat, our documentation, or other online means.

The bug tracking system, for example, displays typical flaws such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and XML injection. Intruder has a feature that checks security encryption for flaws like Heartbleed and VPN Encryption Weaknesses.

Here are some of the best Intruder alternative names to consider for your business needs.

Intruder Alternative Names

Astra’s Pentest

The best Intruder replacement at the moment is the Astra Pentest Platform. It not only corrects flaws in the curriculum, but it also adds a slew of extra features and advantages. For example, it includes an advanced vulnerability scanner that is updated on a regular basis to incorporate the newest vulnerabilities as they emerge. In addition to that, they have a whole team of experienced pentesters who can help you test and secure your apps.

The Astra Pentest is a cloud-based security testing software with over 1000 distinct analyses and scans. This program flawlessly detects flaws, with the ability to conduct 3000 tests.

Key Features:

  • Pentesting by security experts: Astra’s pentest platform is unique in that it employs people to detect business logic flaws and tough security flaws that other pentests overlook.
  • Assured zero false positives: Astra Security uses cutting-edge technology and high-tech sensors to scan your website for any vulnerabilities, so you can rest assured knowing that your website is secure.
  • CI/CD integration: Automating your tests with Astra’s pentest platform lets you focus on other areas of security.
  • Interactive dashboard: The Astra pentest dashboard is a fantastic resource to help you manage all your vulnerability information in one place.
  • Best-in-class scan reports: The Astra pentest report provides easy-to-understand descriptions of vulnerabilities, risk scores for each vulnerability, and clear instructions for test cases to help you fix the most critical issues first.
  • Contextual collaboration: Astra Security provides you with a pentest dashboard where you can share your findings and insights with other professionals in the field.


Detectify can scan for vulnerabilities in your web application, databases and assets. This includes things like OWASP Top 10, Amazon S3 Bucket, CORS and DNS misconfigurations. They have a community of over 150 ethical hackers who contribute security findings that they use to build automated tests. Not only does Detectify’s Deep Scan test against the CVE library, but it also simulates real-world hacker attacks to give you a more comprehensive view of your web application security.


Probely’s Business Application Security Scanner is designed to help agile teams work more efficiently and effectively by providing web vulnerability scanning services. With Probely, you can scan web applications and manage the lifecycle of discovered vulnerabilities in a sleek and easy-to-use online interface. Not only does Probely give you code snippets to help fix identified weaknesses, but its full-featured API allows it to be seamlessly integrated into development processes (SDLC) and continuous integration pipelines (CI/CD). This way, security testing can be automated.

Crashtest Security

Crashtest Security is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that allows agile development teams to verify security before going live. Their cutting-edge dynamic application security testing (DAST) technology protects multi-page and JavaScript applications, microservices, and APIs while operating seamlessly with your development environment.


TOPIA’s vulnerability management toolbox can rapidly, successfully, and cost-effectively identify, prioritize, and repair cyber threats before they’re exploited—whether or not a security update is available. TOPIA is a cloud-based solution that utilizes xTagsTM and Patchless ProtectionTM to detect risks and eliminate dangers quickly.


Nessus is one of the world’s most widely used security solutions, with more than 30,000 organizations trusting it as one of the best-known vulnerability assessment tools on the market. They have always worked closely with the security community. They are always improving Nessus in order to make it the most reliable and biggest vulnerability assessment solution available.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a well-known collection of cybersecurity solutions developed by PortSwigger. They strive to give their users an edge over the competition by conducting better research. Burp Suite is a descendant of each new edition. The DNA passed down through the generations of their family proves excellence in research. Burp Suite is the security product you can rely on, as the industry has repeatedly demonstrated.


These are only a few of the best Intruder alarm names available on the market today. With such a vast array of options available, be sure to select a cloud-based program with features that fit your needs. Do your research and invest in a quality product that will keep you and your data safe. Thanks for reading!

By Gary Bernstein