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(Updated: 06/29/2022)

Many want to live in abundance, but very few people have what it takes to harness true wealth. True wealth is harnessed through the effective management of resources. Despite the inability of most people, true wealth is exclusive to all.

You can effectively manage and grow your resources into wealth through financial wealth management services. Financial wealth management services will offer financial advisory services and help design personalized strategies that align with your goals and interests. They also provide a holistic approach to wealth by diversifying your portfolio and advice in real estate, taxes, stocks, and retirement plans, among others. Financial wealth management services are an essential option to explore to grow wealth truly.

There are plenty of cloud based options for those wanting to save for a holiday, invest some spare cash, or plan for retirement. This is a list (in no particular order) of some of the best services for online savings or wealth management.



Moneybox is a very simple little IOS (Android coming soon) app that helps you to save little by little. You add card details to the app and then every time you make a purchase Moneybox will ask you if you would like to round up to the nearest dollar or more and save the extra cash. Bank level encryption protects your savings and information and the money you save can be invested in several different ways, through cash, global shares, or property shares. You can withdraw your money anytime, and can spread your investments (no matter how small) across the three different types of investments.



Wealthbar is a financial robo-advisor that can help you plan for long-term savings and investments, as well as helping to understand your spending and offer advice on how to save more efficiently. Wealthbar is competitive with a fee of only 0.35%-0.60% and insurance up to $1,000,00 of investment, so your money is definitely safe! The only downside is a minimum investment of $5000, so for smaller investments you may want to consider other services in this list.


Wealth Management Services

WiseBanyan was the world’s first free financial advisor with no minimum account balance, and is built on the principle that investing should be a right, not a privilege. Instead of charging their customers for their standard package, they earn money by offering additional paid services, like Tax Loss Harvesting. Although they have only a small share of the market at the moment (around $35 million in assets), they are a fantastic service for those looking for free or first time advice on savings or investments.



Mint allows you to see your entire financial situation all on one screen; credit cards, savings, ISAs. investments, budgets, insurance, everything you can imagine. Mint updates and analyzes your information in real time, making judgements and suggestions on savings accounts and credit offers available. Their blog even offers financial advice on everything from how to handle student loan debt, to misconceptions about credit cards.



Albert is another financial advice application it compiles your financial data into a single platform, including bank accounts, credit cards, property, loans and investments. Where it differs from Mint is that it’s more focused on giving financial advice and encouraging you to make financial changes, as well as helping you track your everyday spending and budget. And when it offers tips, it pushes you to actually put them into action. For example, if it suggests you start a savings account, it will transfer money across into it for you.

Bank Simple


Bank Simple, or Simple, is one of the world’s first completely digital banks. It does everything a normal bank does, digitally, with no branches, and more importantly, no banking fees. You can set savings goals, and it will analyze your spending, to give you a better understanding of how and where you spend your money, and how you could cut down on some spending. It even has a handy little “safe to spend” feature which helps to curb spending in case of emergency!



Betterment is an online investment service aimed at maximising investment returns, using a combination of smart automation to help invest excess cash and analyse your entire financial situation and an expert team of financial advisors and investors. They claim to increase profits by 4.30% when compared to DIY investment. Those with little money to invest don’t have to be put off, the service has no minimum balance or deposit, and can be used to plan retirement savings and to organise your taxes.



Acorns is a robo-investment app that rounds purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the change in exchange-traded funds and bonds. At $1 a month or free for students with a .edu email address, acorn doesn’t cost much, but it is unlikely to make you rich. However, for first time investors, or for those with little to invest, it can be a useful stepping stone to larger investments.



Motif is aimed at investors who have an active interest in investing in individual stocks and securities, and those with experience in doing so. Motif use a very unique system that allows you to pick stocks and investments, based on your personal beliefs and interests. You can choose specific stocks, buying fractional and whole shares, or you can choose from the selection of over 180,00 “motifs” that have been assembled by users and Motif themselves. The “motifs” are a collection of stocks and exchange-traded funds that represent market trends or specific industries.

Personal Capital


Personal Capital is another online wealth management service for those with larger investments to handle (the minimum start-up deposit is $25,000), with a specialized department for dealing with investments over $1 million. You can link all your accounts together on the Personal Capital Dashboard to get a full overview of your financial life and net worth and they give you a personal financial advisor to deal with your investments. This service is definitely skewed towards higher end investors, with the costs dropping from 0.89% to 0.49% as you invest over the $1 million threshold.

SalesForce Financial services

Financial Services Cloud Top Wealth Management Software
Financial Services Cloud Top Wealth Management Software

Within the past decade, technology has been integrated into businesses globally, making them faster and more efficient. At the heart of these are financial service clouds.

SalesForce Financial services clouds cultivate a relationship with clients by aligning with their goals and reaching out during significant life events to consolidate the relationship. The platform also helps automate routine processes through customizable actions while keeping you abreast of every opportunity via client referral tracking.

Built with the world’s leading CRM solutions and partners with major financial organizations around the globe, Salesforce financial services cloud is ideal for a robust and customer-centric approach to your business.


Wealth Management Software Solutions - ServiceNow

Wealth, assets and their management is the backbone of any organization. But what does it takes to build a robust and vibrant financial system— relationships.

Regardless of your business or service, you must connect to your customers personally and intimately. This is what ServiceNow does and more. The platform helps you connect with new opportunities while strengthening the bond between clients and employees through a comprehensive digital customer service system.

The platform also helps automate processes and systems while reporting issues on a single portal. The software integrates the institution’s compliance, governance, and risk aspects, creating an amazing experience.


Invest for the long term on your terms Wealthfront

Investment has been discovered to be the pathway to true wealth. But how do you mitigate the risks that come with it? That’s why a diversified portfolio is vital for every Investment. Wealthfront is a perfect platform that grows a diversified portfolio, reduces taxes, and maximizes your returns.

Wealthfront helps you invest for the long-term while introducing customizable features that are perfect just for you. They also present several Investment options that suit your interest. Asides from this, the Wealthfront software helps balance your portfolio and minimize taxes across your various investments.

For a small fee, Wealthfront helps guarantee your investments’ growth while maximizing your gains for the long term.

By Josh Hamilton