Now Go Build — Season 3

As a technologist, it’s almost second nature to come across new problems
and immediately think—how do I combine the right set of tools and
technologies to solve this puzzle? It’s exciting to consider how you
could use fundamental building blocks like EC2, S3, and Lambda to solve
complex problems. But it’s even more amazing to consider the range of
problems you can solve using the same blocks. For example, S3 could be
the cornerstone of one customer’s data lake and a low-cost archive for

The cloud has made it possible for companies of every size to have
access to the same powerful tools, while giving them the flexibility to
implement those tools however they see fit. Part of my role at AWS has
been to travel around the world to speak with pioneering companies and
learn how they’ve assembled different technologies to solve their unique

In 2018, we created the Now Go Build
to shine a
spotlight on just a fraction of the fantastic stories I hear about every
day. With that in mind, I’m excited to share more stories with the
launch of Season 3 of Now Go Build.
I encourage everyone to check out
the videos as they are released over the next few months, but here is a
sneak preview of the first three episodes:

In episode 1 of this new season, we go to Iceland to talk with two
innovative companies using AWS to tackle some truly hard human
problems—Nanom, a company applying advanced nanotechnology to energy
storage, and Kerecis, which uses skin from the abundant Atlantic cod
found in Icelandic waters to create fish-skin grafts that help heal
wounds. This episode is available to watch today:

In episode 2, we speak with Hawaii-based Terraformation to learn how
they are helping to address climate change by accelerating and scaling
the restoration of native forests. The idea of massive reforestation may
sound straightforward, but beneath the surface, it is a complex
geoengineering problem that requires both technological excellence and a
deep understanding of the nuances of the natural world. And of course,
some interesting use of the cloud.

For episode 3, we travel to Vermont to talk with BETA about their
mission to build an electric airplane capable of both vertical takeoff
and landing. From studying wind resistance and electric-powered
propulsion to the mechanics of actually building the plane and charging
infrastructure, it’s amazing to see what BETA has accomplished with the
help of AWS.

This season of Now Go Build was a tremendous undertaking, and as of this
writing, we’ve already started engaging with the next set of companies
for the second half of this season. I’m excited to continue to share
these stories with the broader community and look forward to seeing the
complex and diverse ways companies are combining technologies to produce
unique and novel solutions.

You can go here to see
all the Now Go Build episodes we’ve done to date, or re-watch some of
your favorites.

Now Go Build!