Reshaping IT automation with IBM Watson Code Assistant

In today’s digital world, business and IT leaders are turning to automation to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity and, ultimately, boost business performance.

At IBM, we believe that organizations need AI coupled with automation to help developers reduce time to productivity. By empowering employees with automation and AI technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, IT organizations can narrow skills gaps and enable developers to write quality code with greater efficiency.

Enhance code development with greater efficiency

At this week’s Think 2023 conference, we are previewing IBM Watson Code Assistant, an innovative solution that empowers developers across all skill levels to write syntactically correct code with AI-generated recommendations.

Powered by IBM foundation models, Watson Code Assistant will increase developer productivity by providing recommended code based on natural language inputs. We’re excited about this solution because it will make hybrid cloud code development more accessible to IT professionals and help those experienced with writing automation code to become even more efficient.

Intended to be generally available later this year*, Watson Code Assistant is designed to reduce the complexity of coding through AI-generated content recommendations. Additionally, organizations will be able to tune the underlying foundation model and customize it with their own standards and best practices, while data-source attribution will provide transparency into the potential origins of the generated code. These features will provide organizations the confidence and flexibility they need to scale and accelerate the impact of AI across their IT organization. 

AI for Red Hat automation

The first available use case for Watson Code Assistant will be content generation for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. The solution will enable developers from entry-level to seasoned professionals to write Ansible Playbooks with AI-generated recommendations. This capability will make it easier for beginners to learn Ansible and faster for experts to build playbooks.

Building tomorrow’s AI code assistant

Stay informed of news and announcements about the upcoming launch of IBM Watson Code Assistant by keeping an eye on our webpage; from there, you can also join our wait list to get the latest news delivered directly to your inbox.

Learn more about IBM Watson Code Assistant.

    *IBM’s plans, directions and intentions may change or be withdrawn at any time at IBM’s discretion, without notice. Information about potential future products and improvements is provided to give a general idea of IBM’s goals and objectives and should not be used in making a purchase decision. IBM is not obligated to provide any materials, code or functionality based on this information. This statement replaces all prior statements on this topic.

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