Why AWS Needs to Become Opinionated about FinOps

On today’s episode of the CloudTweaks podcast, Steve Prentice chats with Rahul Subramanyam, CEO at CloudFix and CTO at ESW Capital. He shares his insights into AWS, who came out in 2008 looking to become the plumbing for the internet. “They spent a decade building up 100,000 API’s that developers could use,” he says, but after a decade of work, cloud adoption is still at only about 10%, with 90% of the workloads still in data centers.

He feels that today’s economy can become a turning point for AWS, who needs massive distribution across their customer base, but which can only be done when its customers perceive it as phenomenal value. For that to happen, he says, AWS must start getting a lot more opinionated, especially around FinOps.

Rahul will be speaking at Re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, so this podcast is a timely introduction to his presentation, as well as valuable information for anyone who deals with AWS. 

Listen to the new episode below.